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Trevi Foundations Canada, Inc. has officially opened its location headquarters in Laval, Quebec. The company is a subsidiary of TREVIICOS, the North American subsidiary of Trevi, originally formed in 2005 as a special purpose entity to execute work for the Diavik Diamond Mine in Northwest Territories. Trevi Foundations Canada. Inc. will now permanently cover the Canadian market as a provider of geotechnical and foundation engineering services.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, TREVIICOS already has a 20-year presence in the United States, with many noteworthy projects under their belt. They’ve constructed the slurry wall for the World Trade Center in 2006, used innovative, first of its kind techniques in Dam and Levee repair at Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky, and have completed several complex foundations works for Harvard and MIT in the Boston area.

Recognizing the potential of the Canadian market, Trevi Group seeks to expand its reach by offering advanced applications, a wide range of techniques and a high level of expertise to guarantee safety, quality and on-time project delivery with this new entity.

Photo by Stéphan Poulin